Our pastors and elders are 100% convinced that Bible Journey was the right soil conditioner for our church needed to stimulate growth and productivity for our most hungry disciples who are ready to learn in our church. We are so grateful for this as a resource and are committed to being a long-term partner.

Mike Moses

Senior Pastor, Lake Forest Church

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What are people saying?

“Bible Journey provided a well-organized structure to immerse our church into the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation. We reviewed the lesson content each week and then met in a large group to discuss and apply all that we had learned. Dr. Tim Laniak makes available a treasure of insights curated from biblical studies, archaeology, and voices from the living church. We commend Bible Journey as a unique digital resource that can be meaningfully contextualized to strengthen vibrant, faithful witness in the church today.”

David Palmer

Senior Pastor, Kenwood Baptist Church

“Bible Journey has become foundational for shaping a formative Biblical literacy within our church. The powerful teaching transport our learners into the Holy Land capturing not only their minds, but their imaginations as well.“

Joshua Lenon

Teaching Pastor, Red Door Church

By learning to look in the text, behind the text, and in front of the text, our congregants have a greater understanding and fuller appreciation of God and God’s word. I am grateful to Drs. Laniak and Martin for being our guide and host on this worthwhile journey.

Bishop Claude Alexander

Senior Pastor, The Park Church

The Bible Journey helped our church engage more deeply with the vast resources of Scripture to understand the beauty of the Gospel from Genesis to Revelation.  I greatly appreciate the historical background, theological connections and practical applications provided by the Bible Journey.  I would highly recommend church leaders consider using for their own spiritual formation and to implement it into the ministry of their church.

Steve Wiser

Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church