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BibleJourney is joining other ministries in the Year of the Bible (2020) to reach 1,000,000 people with at least one BibleJourney course and to certify at least 100,000 church leaders in the next five years.

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What is the BibleJourney curriculum?

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Mart Green describes the value of investing in BibleJourney scholarships through Bible Coalition. The Green family (of Hobby Lobby and Museum of the Bible) has made substantial contributions to the cause of Bible engagement around the world.



BibleCoalition is a 501(c)3 organization that raises funds for BibleJourney scholarships. To date, they have raised over $500,000 to scholarship students in the Developing World.

$100 will launch anyone with a course.  $500 will fully fund the complete curriculum. Send a tax-deductible donation designated for BibleJourney to:

BibleCoalition Inc (c/o Conda Lashley, Chair)
309 Trapper Cove Lane
Weddington, NC  28104