How to Get Started with Bible Journey as an Employee Benefit
Using Bible Journey as a workplace benefit for personal Bible engagement.

How to Get Started with Bible Journey as an Employee Benefit

While Bible Journey is often used by churches and small groups for guided studies, our in-depth online Bible courses are also transformational when used individually. Some businesses have found that providing Bible Journey as an employee benefit allows them to give employees a valuable resource for their own personal and spiritual growth. Providing Bible Journey subscriptions for your employees is more than just personal enrichment, though: non-profit organizations may wish to use Bible Journey as ministry leadership training for new (or current!) employees. This, of course, creates both spiritual growth and biblical engagement as much as it does future ministry and leadership opportunities. 

You may want to provide employees with a Bible Journey subscription to use as much or as little as they like, or you may allow employees to opt-in or out of their subscription access. Our flexible subscription models are easy to accommodate to various team structures.

How to Use Bible Journey as an Employee Benefit

Take advantage of flexible subscription options.

We offer both monthly and annual pass options for individuals to groups of 5,000 people and beyond. No matter your business size, we can work with you to provide the subscriptions you need, for as long as you need them. Perhaps you want to provide an annual subscription for employees as a benefit once they have been working with you for a given amount of time, or simply provide a monthly subscription to employees while they’re working with you. Whatever you’re looking for, our flexible subscriptions can help you make it work.

Provide leadership or organizational development.

Depending on the structure of your organization, you may wish to use Bible Journey’s seminary-led curriculum to provide leadership or ministry training as part of your new employee on-boarding process, for current employees as a sponsored training program, or for other groups of employees for on-the job training or future development. Bible Journey’s flexible and fully-online curriculum makes it easy for your organization or business to provide leadership development or sponsored training to employees, no matter where they might be located.

Create a place for employees to discuss together.

Although Bible Journey is designed for individual use, many students benefit from having a group to share what they’re learning and discuss questions and insights with one another. Optional discussion groups are a great resource to provide and can easily be created virtually. Private Facebook pages and groups, Zoom discussion groups or other online message boards can serve as virtual discussion boards where employees can discuss with one another, post questions and comments and more.

Ready to get started with providing Bible Journey as a benefit to your employees? Get started with a two-week free trial of everything Bible Journey has to offer today!