How Bible Journey Provides Effective & Engaging Training for your Ministry Leaders
Woman writing notes while taking Bible Journey online study courses.

How Bible Journey Provides Effective & Engaging Training for your Ministry Leaders

If you’ve ever struggled with finding the time to plan and design curriculum and then implement and teach training sessions and leadership training for your ministry leaders, you’re not alone. Providing effective biblical training and robust teaching for your ministry leaders or staff can be a difficult (and time-consuming) job. With Bible Journey, you can provide effective and engaging seminary-level training for your ministry leaders and team, without having to do all the prep work on your own.

What Bible Journey provides for your team

Bible Journey’s engaging full-Bible curriculum provides increased biblical literacy and engagement for training leaders and ministry teams for ministry and teaching. The structure of each lesson offers a layered approach that examines geographical, historical and cultural contexts (Behind the Text), a deep-dive into the Scriptures themselves (In the Text) and perspective on how Scriptures have impacted Christians around the world and across time (In Front of the Text). Biblical literacy and understanding are increased through study of the Bible itself combined with a contextual approach for deeper study. The In Front of the Text portions in particular engages Scripture in diverse settings and provides practical application for ministry and leadership training. 

In addition, Bible Journey’s completely online curriculum means that participants can work through Bible Journey either independently or in groups—you can provide training for your entire ministry team at the same time, or use Bible Journey as a required training for new ministry leaders. In addition, Bible Journey is easily adaptable for a variety of groups and teams, allowing you the option to choose which content is most relevant for your team, include supplemental resources or adjust the depth of study as needed.

How Bible Journey Provides Effective Ministry Leader Training

Bible Journey provides a number of options for customization depending on the kind of teaching and training your team needs. There’s no shortage of ways to use Bible Journey to provide effective training for ministry leaders!

Seminary-led training

Bible Journey’s curriculum offers high-quality, seminary-led training at an affordable price, making it a great alternative for those who can’t attend seminary. Additionally, it provides excellent teaching and training for leaders that doesn’t have to be created from scratch by in-house pastors and leadership staff. Free yourself up to focus on important discipleship and other responsibilities while you confidently trust Bible Journey’s seminary-level curriculum to provide the essential biblical training your leaders need.

Alternative to conferences or short-term training

Bible Journey’s curriculum provides a more robust, long-term alternative to one-off conferences or similar training programs. Especially in a time when more and more in-person conferences and trainings are being postponed or adapted due to COVID-19 concerns, a completely-online, self-paced and interactive curriculum provides necessary biblical training over time.

Rather than send your whole ministry team to a weekend conference to be firehosed with information and training, why not invest in a long-term solution that’ll continue to provide rich biblical understanding for months or years? A long-term option also ensures that leaders will have more time to process and reflect on their studies, meaning richer and deeper understanding and engagement and use for ministry and personal growth.

Ample room to supplement with further resources

If you need to provide further training for your leaders, it’s simple to supplement Bible Journey with webcasts, podcasts, conferences and other training to share best practices, denominational teaching, practical application and more. With Bible Journey, you can be sure that your leaders are getting the foundational whole-Bible training they need from an irenic orthodox perspective, with the flexibility to add any additional resources necessary for your church or ministry.

Flexibility for your team

Bible Journey’s curriculum is robust and rigorous, but it’s also flexible and customizable so that you can adapt it to fit the needs of your team. Bible Journey courses were designed for individual study, but many groups find it a richer experience to have others to journey through with. As a result, you can have your leaders go through the curriculum on their own, working through at their own pace, or you can create small pods or discussion groups to work through the material together. You can even use Bible Journey as a large group and work through the material as an entire team or staff.

Have ministry leaders on your team that need much deeper training than others? That’s fine, too—Bible Journey’s curriculum can be adjusted for various levels of study depth and time commitments.

Save time for your senior pastoral staff

Bible Journey allows you to train and equip your team with minimal prep time for leaders and senior staff. Since the effective, theologically-rich curriculum is already in place, you can provide important guidance and mentoring without being bogged down by creating all of the teaching and training elements as well. This saves your senior staff time and allows you to focus on other important work and mentoring while being assured that your team is receiving rigorous training. 

If you’re ready to see how Bible Journey can train your leaders, learn more about how to get started with Bible Journey for your ministry team or contact us for a two-week free trial to explore everything Bible Journey has to offer.