Signing Up

How do I sign up for The Gospel of John for free?

The Gospel of John is a free online Bible course that we’re happy to offer. Here’s how to sign up and download our free Gospel of John course.


Do I need to purchase any other resources to complete the Bible Journey curriculum?

Nope! The Bible Journey curriculum stands alone, so you’ll have everything you need within each course to study the Bible thoroughly. Most students prefer to have a study Bible as they work through the courses. In addition, the Bible Journey workbooks (included with the course curriculum) will soon be downloadable as a PDF workbook, which some students prefer for note-taking.

I’ve already completed the Gospel of John. How do I purchase more Bible Journey courses?

You can subscribe to Bible Journey and receive access to all six studies (over 45 courses!) for just $14.99 per month. Annual subscriptions are also available. Here’s how to subscribe to our online Bible courses.

How much do Bible Journey courses cost?

You can get access to the entire Bible Journey curriculum for one monthly cost of $14.99. Alternatively, save 17% by subscribing annually for $149.99. Here’s how to subscribe.

Can I purchase just the one course I’m interested in?

No need! With Bible Journey, you get access to everything from day one. Subscribe for a month if you just need one course, or try out a few and see which ones you want to study first!

Is there a discount for ordering Bible Journey for groups?

Yes! We have flexible group pricing designed to fit groups large to small. With group rates, you can purchase as many or as few licenses as you need and save up to 75% off the regular price.


What are the system requirements for using Bible Journey?

Bible Journey is a web-based learning system. You should have the most up-to-date version of any of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. The Bible Journey courses are not currently supported by Internet Explorer. Bible Journey also works with mobile devices, so you can learn on-the-go and study wherever you are.

How much time does each Bible Journey course take?

If you are working through the Bible Journey program on your own, you should plan to spend about 3-6 hours per course. Your progress is saved as you work through the lessons and courses so that you can complete the studies at your own pace.

Once I begin a course, how long do I have to complete it?

You can take as much or as little time as you need on each lesson, course and study. Your progress is always saved as you move through the program so you can work at your own pace.

Do I need to complete the Bible Journey courses in order?

No. We do recommend starting from the beginning of the Old Testament or New Testament, as the courses do build on each other. However, each Bible Journey study can stand alone as well, so you can tailor the program to meet your needs. Within each study, it makes sense to complete the courses in order, as it’ll help you understand the structure, flow, context and relevance of each section of Scripture more easily.

If you’re planning on doing the entire study—or the entire program—we recommend you complete it in order.

Can I use Bible Journey with a small group at my church or within my ministry team?

Yes! Currently, the courses are set up for individuals, however many small groups, ministry teams and other groups find that going through the Bible Journey curriculum together is a rich experience. For more information about group licensing, email us at hello@biblejourney.com.

What is the structure of the Bible Journey curriculum?

Bible Journey is an in-depth Bible study program that covers the entire Bible in six studies. The six studies—three Old Testament studies and three New Testament studies—are divided into more than 45 individual courses, which can be studied individually or as part of the larger program. Each course has dozens of lectures, exercises, interactive features, onsite video tours and more to help you dive into the Scripture and deepen your biblical literacy.

How are the courses organized?

Courses are broken down into 7-8 lessons, each of which should take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Each lesson includes three types of study: inductive observations and insights (“In the Text”), background context on the text using interactive videos and diagrams (“Behind the Text”) and discussions of the significance and implications of the Scripture for individuals, churches and contemporary culture (“In Front of the Text”).

Bible Journey courses go deeper than the standard application-based topics of many Bible studies in order to engage in a global conversation about the Bible’s claims for our lives. Bible Journey courses also feature a wide variety of media, articles and exercises to allow students to further reflect on what they’re learning and studying.

Are there any certifications available with the Bible Journey curriculum?

A certification option for the Bible Journey program is currently in the works, and will be released shortly. If you’re interested in learning more about the certification, please email hello@biblejourney.com for more information.

About Bible Journey

What makes Bible Journey unique?

Bible Journey’s curriculum offers online Bible courses that cover every book of the Bible. The complete curriculum is available for one low monthly subscription so that you can tailor the program for your interests and needs. Further, the structure of Bible Journey courses help you dive into the text with inductive Bible study methods while also engaging with the context of the text, it’s larger role in the narrative of Scripture and solid interpretative methods that engages voices from the global church.

With affordable options for both single-use and lifelong learners and an accessible and mobile platform that allows you to study anytime and anywhere, Bible Journey offers high-quality, seminary-led biblical training for anyone who wants to deepen their biblical literacy. For more on what makes Bible Journey unique, read more about why Bible Journey.

What does Bible Journey believe?

The Bible Journey courses provide an irenic Evangelical orientation that offers an orthodox faith-based education without a denominational bias. Bible Journey is fully aligned with the Nicene Creed and the Lausanne Covenant.

How do I know if Bible Journey is right for my church or group?

The Bible Journey curriculum makes an excellent resource for small groups, churches, ministry teams, businesses and other groups, as the theologically-rich, seminary-level courses provide biblical engagement and training for leaders and laypeople alike. To find out how Bible Journey might serve your group well, check out our guide for church and ministry leaders.