Why Bible Journey?

Bible Journey’s mission is to raise up a generation of global disciples who can understand, interpret and teach the Bible.

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Want to grow in your knowledge of the Bible? Deepen your understanding of the Scriptures, whenever and wherever you want. Study the entire Bible with us or just one book with access to our entire curriculum of online Bible courses from the first day you sign up. From the Pentatuech to Revelation, our intensive curriculum makes biblical training more accessible for everyone.

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The Pentateuch:

The Formation of God’s People

History and Poetry course image

History & Poetry:

The Mission of God’s People in the Promised Land

Prophecy and Restoration course image

Prophecy & Restoration:

A People in Exile

The Gospels course image

The Gospels:

The Life & Ministry of Christ

Acts and Paul's Epistles course image

Acts & Paul’s Epistles:

The Mission of God’s People to the Nations

General Epistles and Revelation course image

General Epistles & Revelation:

A Sojourning People

Why Bible Journey?

What makes Bible Journey different from other Bible study courses? Bible Journey offers a mix of in-depth and academic study of the Bible alongside immersive content that makes you feel like you’re really there. Our Bible courses are:

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Our Bible study courses are full of a variety of content and material that leads to biblical discipleship. Immerse yourself in the themes, terms, structures and narrative of Scripture. Explore historical, geographical and cultural contexts behind the text. Discover the implications and impact of the Scriptures on Christians throughout history and around the world.

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Immerse yourself in the text, history and people of the Bible with our in-depth Bible courses. Dive into the Scriptures themselves, experience 360-degree virtual reality visits to biblical locations and sit in on interviews with Christians around the world. With Bible Journey, you can experience and study the Bible in a completely new way.

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Whether you’re located in Boston, Los Angeles or halfway across the world, our online theology courses are designed to be accessible for you and your community–all you need is an internet connection. Engage in rich theological study and global biblical discipleship, whenever and wherever you want to. 

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Who is Bible Journey for?

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An annual subscription to Bible Journey provides in-depth, intensive Bible training for your church staff, lay leaders, small groups or your entire congregation. See how Bible Journey can serve your church and ministries.

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Get access to our online Bible course content right at your fingertips–work through the whole Bible systematically or explore the parts that interest you most. You’ll have everything you need to grow your biblical literacy all in one place.

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Provide your students or ministry team with interactive studies and flexible, online theology courses to strengthen their Bible engagement and discipleship. Whether your team is preparing for seminary, leading missions abroad or leading churches right at home, our biblical and theological training prepares and strengthens your team for whatever God has for them.

What People are Saying About Bible Journey

Intensive Biblical Training for Everyone

Join Dr. Tim Laniak and Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin on your journey through the Bible.

Dr. Tim Laniak Headshot

Dr. Tim Laniak

After twenty years serving as professor, urban ministry coordinator and dean at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Tim brings his rich experience, wide-ranging scholarship and deep personal passion to Bible Journey’s immersive online bible courses. His commitment for Scripture and missions has led to a fruitful teaching ministry in churches and schools around the world, as well as writing about the Bible in its cultural context. Tim connects the dots and brings the Bible alive as he guides you through your journey.

Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin Headshot

Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin

Nicole is a popular speaker, awarded preacher and recognized author who currently serves as Assistant Professor of Ministry and Leadership Development at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Director of US Ministry for the American Bible Society and as the Founder and Executive Director of Soulfire International Ministries. Nicole brings rich pastoral experience from her previous role as Executive Minister at The Park Church in Charlotte, NC. She anchors the Bible Journey courses as our enthusiastic host.