Dear BibleJourney Sojourners,

We are happy to report that the final course of the Old Testament is here! Course 3: Prophets and Restoration is now available! The final group of New Testament courses—Acts and Pauline Epistles / General Epistles and Revelation—are planned for release in August.

The BibleJourney team thanks you for prayers, feedback and support as we move toward the finish line of delivering these courses to you. As a special thanks, we’ve included in this letter some samples of the inspiring images that are available in our latest course release (Prophets and Restoration).

Please continue to keep the extended BibleJourney team in your prayers. We specifically ask for prayer as we move into a busy summer with production and release of our last two New Testament courses, travel to biblical lands, and implementation of the app with ministries and universities.

God bless,

Bryan and Tim  

**BibleJourney Highlights**

  • Certification as a Bible teacher is now available through Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. You can reserve space by contacting Gordon-Conwell.
  • You can now enjoy a Music Playlist for the Five Books of Moses.
  • If you are planning to start your own journey group, it is as easy as 1-2-3. You can access the BibleJourney curriculum in three simple steps

Course 3: Prophets and Restoration
Top: Esther, a royal banquet.
Upper left: Prophet mourning. Upper right: Rembrandt—Writing on the Wall. Bottom: Vassals of Assyria.