Dear BibleJourney Sojourners,

Although we continue to be disappointed with the rate of progress on the technology development side, we have experienced a few steps forward since our last report. Our developer has given us a beta test app which we have been working with for the past week. We are gathering feedback from the content development team and expect to have another test release in the coming weeks. We are hopeful that the technology team will make sufficient progress to have the app in the App Store and Google Play Store for you to download to an iOS or android tablet in September. A phone version for both iOS and android is expected to follow in the fall, and we are hopeful for a web-based version by Christmas.

On the plus side, content development continues to progress well. We completed content for Courses 1 and 4 earlier this year. We expect to have the content for Courses 2 and 3 completed by August. Tim and Maureen will be filming in Turkey, Greece, and Italy in July to complete the content for courses 5 and 6, which we expect to have edited and ready in the fall.

We are also very pleased with the app user interface and user experience, and we hope that you will find it to be everything you had hoped for and then some.

Please pray for our Turkey, Greece and Italy trip preparations, specifically for permitting and the associated bureaucracy of the three countries, and for safety for Tim and Maureen as they travel with our videography teammates. Please also keep the extended BibleJourney development team in your prayers. We specifically ask for prayer that we get the app in the App Store and Google Play Store very soon.


Bryan and Tim