BibleJourney is an extraordinary resource for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of the Bible that’s broader and deeper, more informed and more inspiring, more intimate and more encompassing. Dr Laniak takes you across the stage where the biblical story was set, takes you deep into the story itself and its many layers of meaning, and shows you how believers all around the world have interpreted it. It makes use of the technologies of our time, with a wide array of media wrapped into a beautiful and intuitive user experience. If you want to encounter the Bible afresh or gain a sense of confidence in understanding and teaching the biblical story, I cannot recommend it strongly enough!

–   Dr. Timothy Dalrymple, President and CEO, Christianity Today

BibleJourney uses great content and learning technologies to build a comprehensive foundation for a life-time of Bible Study.  The Green family is happy to promote it as a 21st century curriculum that can serve those with some exposure to Scripture already. 

–   Steve Green, CEO, Hobby Lobby and Board Chairman, Museum of the Bible

An unprecedented educational experience for beginning explorers and serious Bible students and teachers. Text and context come together in an immersive curriculum designed for a generation both digitally savvy and biblically illiterate. BibleJourney charts a path for the future of Bible education.

–   Dr. Robert Cooley, President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Not only is BibleJourney a unique and incredible curriculum, it is also an amazing action-packed experience that will leave you wanting to see more! Learn from pinpoint lessons that paint a picture for the day to astonishing 360 degree videos that place you in the heart of where Jesus Himself walked. If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in a study that will not only tell you but actually show you, then BibleJourney is a must have for every pastor, teacher and home-school family.

–   Chad Boswell, Executive Director, Harvest Foundation

The American church in the 21st century faces a Bible literacy deficit. I applaud the approach that BibleJourney has taken to address this and more importantly the scholarship and creativity Tim Laniak has taken to bring the Scripture to life. I am a fan!

–   Dr. Matt Lucas, Chancellor, Indiana Wesleyan University

My professional background includes twenty plus years of instructional design in very challenging and time constrained corporate settings. The interactive nature of the curriculum engages all of the learning channels, and the portability allows it to flow around even the most harried schedule. As this revolutionary curriculum bears fruit, my prayer is for tomorrow’s Church leaders to emerge equipped from today’s deep multi-generational pool of biblical illiteracy.

–   Linda Prince, Consultant, Lumpkin and Associates

BibleJourney is a powerful tool to go deeper in the Word of God, because it leads with the Word of God! Dr. Tim Laniak and the BibleJourney team do a brilliant job drawing us first into the text, then come behind it with rich, illustrated teaching, ultimately inviting us to consider the Bible’s impact on our own lives. BibleJourney delivers!

–   David J. Collum, President/CEO, The Pocket Testament League

The BibleJourney courses are exactly what every serious student of the Bible longs for—a rich, comprehensive study of not only books, chapters and verses, but of culture, history, and customs as well. These are seminary level courses that are accessible to everyone who is interested in deeper Bible study.

–   Rev. John Pellowe, MBA, DMin, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Council of Christian Charities

BibleJourney will take you where the events of the Bible happened, help you understand the intricate connections between the Old and New Treatments, and challenge you to walk with God in new ways, in all aspects of your life. It’s a multidimensional, faith-inspiring, Bible-learning experience like no other!

–   Dr. Bill Miller, Former Vice President of Content Development, Polymath Innovations

Bible Journey is by far the most effective discipleship tool we’ve discovered for our congregation – every ‘journeyer’ profusely thanks us for gifting them with a new grasp of God’s Word. Internally our pastors refer to Bible Journey as filling out the ‘deep end of the pool’ in our overall spiritual growth strategy. What a gift it is for church leaders to feel confident we are providing our congregation with seminary-level biblical education, delivered in an engaging manner, without the pressure and burden of ‘coming up with it’ ourselves!

–   Dr. Mike Moses, Lead Pastor, The Lake Forest Family of Churches; Former Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

BibleJourney brings the Bible to life for the novice and experienced Bible reader alike. I appreciate the seminary-level education delivered in an interactive, engaging format with visuals and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. We are so excited to offer this immersive experience to our congregation!

–   Dr. Cindy Wheatley, Chief Academic Strategist, Keypath Education; Lay Leader, Peace United Methodist Church, Orlando, Florida

BibleJourney is a spectacular new way of studying the Scriptures. Dr. Tim Laniak‘s experience living and serving the Lord in the Middle East, along with his extensive scholarly research, makes him the perfect guide for BibleJourney.

–   Wayne Hilsden, President, Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries; Co-founder of King of Kings Community, Jerusalem

The Lord has started a mini revival by inspiring over one hundred members of Spirit of Joy with a deeper understanding of Scripture that leads to phenomenal head and heart knowledge of Jesus Christ. BibleJourney has delivered a learning environment that works for our people, ranging in age from the mid-twenties to early-eighties.

–   Rev. Conda W. Lashley, Pastor of Retreats and Missions, Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church