Dear BibleJourney Sojourners,

With the completion of Acts & Paul’s Letters (Course 5) and General Epistles & Revelation (Course 6), we are excited to report that all six BibleJourney courses are now available on our website! This milestone marks the end of a three-year period of development, with contributions from approximately 150 individuals from all over the world. Feedback on the quality, quantity and variety of the content from our early adopters has been very encouraging. We have come a very long way with God’s help, and have now arrived at the starting line for serving those hungry for God’s Word!

We would like to especially thank each of you for your support. We could not have done this without your prayers, volunteer hours and financial support. As we get ready to broadly deploy BibleJourney globally, we ask for your continued prayers in several ways:

  • Continued improvements in the app features and the user onboarding process
  • Wisdom and clarity in decision making regarding distribution channel partnerships
  • Broad adoption of BibleJourney by individuals, small groups, churches, ministries and schools
  • Reinvigorated strength for the BibleJourney team
  • Much needed donor financial support for the deployment phase

Bryan and Tim

PS. Here’s a link to support need-based scholarships.

All six courses available now!