Dear BibleJourney Sojourners,

Effective November 18, 2019, we have made updates to our Terms of Use to accommodate non-commercial religious and educational instructional activities. Consistent with BibleJourney’s mission to fully equip Bible students and teachers, we added a provision to allow licensed Users to use BibleJourney in their teaching and ministry in accordance with the Fair Use provision. It is our hope that students and teachers will, in turn, use and share the knowledge gained through the BibleJourney Program with others. We recognize that, consistent with principles of Fair Use, Users of BJ-Content may wish to share portions of BJ-Content with others who may have not enrolled in the BibleJourney Program and expressly accepted the BibleJourney Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. Accordingly, we are issuing specific BibleJourney Fair Use and Permissions Guidelines to help Bible students and teachers navigate permissible sharing of BibleJourney Content while still honoring copyright protections, restrictions and other intellectual property rights of both BibleJourney and its licensors. If you have a need to teach others who do not have a BibleJourney individual User license, further information on Fair Use can be found on our website Terms of Use page.

As a reminder, when sharing BibleJourney content under the Fair Use provision, BibleJourney Content must be properly marked with a copyright: Copyright © 2019 by BibleJourney Holdings, LLC., All rights reserved, and inform others with whom you share BibleJourney Content that they must comply the copyright restrictions of BibleJourney Content.

Please also note that 3rd party content included in our app is licensed to BibleJourney by others and subject to the restrictions provided by the respective licensor (e.g., images). Any additional use by you of 3rd party content would be subject to the restrictions of the respective 3rd party. Note that at Biblica’s request, we’ve included some specific requirements from Biblica in our Terms of Use, but we have not included requirements of all 3rd party licensed content. If you have specific questions on 3rd party content, let us know.

We are trying to make things as simple as possible for licensed Users to do kingdom work without compromising the integrity of our agreements with those who have trusted us by licensing their content for our use, and without jeopardizing our ability to remain financially viable. We hope these changes will be beneficial to you in your ministry.

 The BibleJourney Team

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