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Deeper studies for vocational or volunteer ministries

Provide biblical ministry training to strengthen your team for whatever God has for them.

Consistent curriculum across courses

Maintain consistent curriculum throughout multiple Bible courses or across similar courses taught by multiple professors with Bible Journey’s pre-packaged curriculum.

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Resources for Using Bible Journey in your Classroom

Professor supplementing her course with Bible Journey for her students.

6 Ways to Customize Bible Journey for your Classroom

Young woman studying and completing Bible Journey course.

5 Ways to Use Bible Journey at your College or Seminary

Professor helping student with assigned work from Bible Journey.

How to Get Started Using Bible Journey with your classroom

Why Bible Journey?

Transformative Icon

Transformative teaching

Bible Journey’s immersive and transformative curriculum provides an in-depth study of the text, history and people of the Bible well-suited for use in an academic setting while also inviting use by students in a lay education level. Our courses are carefully crafted with adult learning pedagogical principles in mind, inviting students to study not just the text itself but also experience 360-degree virtual reality visits to biblical locations and sit in on interviews with Christians around the world. Whether you’re teaching online or in-person, Bible Journey’s curriculum lends itself well to a flipped classroom approach, providing a rich and interactive e-text that engages students through media, discussion questions, quizzes, videos, virtual reality, interviews, lectures and more. 

Immersive Icon

Immersive courses

Our interactive and flexible online Bible courses help take your college or seminary beyond traditional teaching and into immersive content from the Holy Land, interviews and more that your students can dive into any time. Provide a deeper level of biblical education through a technologically interactive curriculum, contextualized learning and engaging content for your students with our 45 Bible courses.

Accessible content Icon

Accessible content

Our accessible and online courses means that students can access and work through the lectures and curriculum from anywhere with an internet connection—whether your classes are meeting in-person or remotely, or whether your courses are self-paced or if students are working through the curriculum together. Many professors prefer to use Bible Journey with a flipped classroom, allowing students to study and review the self-guided material on their own, while reserving class time for deeper discussion and questions. Prepare your students for ministry, missions and more with accessible content they can study and review as much as they’d like.

Our Studies

Whether your course is taking students through an overview of the entire Bible, an Old or New Testament survey course, or an in-depth study of just one book, Bible Journey has the courses and resources to provide your students with cohesive, immersive and in-depth teaching. From the Pentateuch to Revelation, our intensive courses make biblical education more accessible for students, whether your class is happening in-person, virtually or in a hybrid setting. 

The Pentateuch

The Pentateuch:

The Formation of God’s People

History and Poetry course icon

History & Poetry:

The Mission of God’s People in the Promised Land

Prophecy and restoration course icon

Prophecy & Restoration:

A People in Exile

The Gospels course icon

The Gospels:

The Life & Ministry of Christ

Acts and Paul's Epistles course icon

Acts & Paul’s Epistles:

The Mission of God’s People to the Nations

General Epistles and Revelation course icon

General Epistles & Revelation:

A Sojourning People