Using Bible Journey for Your Church or Ministry

Let us come alongside you to raise up a generation of global disciples who can understand, interpret and teach the Bible.

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Bible Journey for Churches

Small group curriculum

Small groups can experience a whole new way to study the Bible with our interactive courses on every book of the Bible. 

Go through Bible Journey as a church

Provide rich, seminary-led courses for your entire congregation to dive deeper into Scripture together.

Deeper studies for your leadership team to go through together

Increase biblical literacy and deeper discipleship training for your leadership team using Bible Journey’s curriculum.

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Bible Journey for Organizations

Adult education curriculum

Study the Bible with our courses, carefully crafted with adult learning pedagogical principles in mind.  

Teams can go through it together

Whether your team has two people or two thousand, Bible Journey’s courses are perfect for teams of all sizes. 

Training for employees or students

Provide biblical ministry training to strengthen your team for whatever God has for them.

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See what Bible Journey has to offer for your church or group!

Use Bible Journey in your churches small groups for guided Bible engagement.

How to Get Started with Bible Journey for Small Groups

Ministry leader prepares a Bible Journey study with her team.

How to Get Started with Bible Journey for Ministry Groups

Minister plans a church-wide study of Bible Journey.

How to Get Started with Bible Journey for Churches

Using Bible Journey as a workplace benefit for personal Bible engagement.

How to Get Started with Bible Journey as an Employee Benefit

Mother and daughter work on Bible Journey as part of home school curriculum.

7 Groups that Would Benefit from Bible Journey

Man participating in video call with ministry group members.

6 Ways to Customize Bible Journey for your Group

Woman writing notes while taking Bible Journey online study courses.

How Bible Journey Provides Effective & Engaging Training for your Ministry Leaders

Why Bible Journey?

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Transformative training

Bible Journey’s immersive and transformative courses provide a deeper study of the text, history and people of the Bible. Dive into the Scriptures themselves, experience 360-degree virtual reality visits to biblical locations and sit in on interviews with Christians around the world. Bible Journey provides the rich and in-depth teaching for your teams, leaders or employees to be more effective in their work.

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In-depth Bible study

Our interactive studies and flexible, online theology courses strengthen your team’s Biblical engagement and discipleship. Provide a deeper level of biblical education for your congregation, leadership team or students with access to Bible Journey’s 45 courses.

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Accessible courses

Our accessible online courses mean your entire team or congregation can study the same content together, no matter where in the world you’re located. Whether your team is preparing for missions abroad or leading churches at home, our courses are available whenever and wherever you are.

Our Studies

Want to grow in your knowledge of the Bible? Deepen your understanding of the Scriptures, whenever and wherever you want. Study the entire Bible with us or just one book with access to our entire curriculum of online Bible courses from the first day you sign up. From the Pentatuech to Revelation, our intensive curriculum makes biblical training more accessible for everyone.

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The Pentateuch:

The Formation of God’s People

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History & Poetry:

The Mission of God’s People in the Promised Land

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Prophecy & Restoration:

A People in Exile

The Gospels Icon

The Gospels:

The Life & Ministry of Christ

Acts and Paul's Epistles Icon

Acts & Paul’s Epistles:

The Mission of God’s People to the Nations

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General Epistles & Revelation:

A Sojourning People


Bible Journey has solutions for every size church, team and organization. Purchase as many or as few licenses as you need and save up to 75% off the regular price with our group rates. Plus, with monthly or annual pass options, you can use Bible Journey with your team for as little or as long as you need. Contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your group.

Group Size Discount Annual Price Per Person
10-99 35% $97
100-499 45% $82
500-999 50% $75
1-2k 55% $67
2-3k 60% $60
3-4k 65% $52
4-5k 70% $45
5k+ 75% $37