Why Our Bible Curriculum is Perfect for Homeschoolers

Looking for a new Bible curriculum for your homeschool family or group? Bible Journey’s interactive, engaging curriculum is perfect for high schoolers and motivated middle schoolers to take a deep dive into the entire Bible—or through the books of your choosing. Here’s why Bible Journey is the perfect Bible curriculum for homeschoolers. 

Bible Journey offers complete flexibility.

Many homeschool families love the flexibility homeschooling affords them, so it makes sense that you should have a curriculum that’s as flexible as you are. Bible Journey’s completely online curriculum is perfect for working from home, co-op, their best friend’s house, on the go, or wherever you are. Plus, it’s accessible from any device—phone, laptop or tablet—so you can dive in and pick back up wherever you left off, regardless of where you are or what device you have on hand. 

Bible Journey’s curriculum is endlessly adaptable. 

Every family has unique needs, and Bible Journey’s adaptable and flexible curriculum gives you plenty of options and resources to adapt it perfectly for your family. Multiple learners? Older students can work through the entire curriculum—including additional workbook exercises and bonus content—while younger siblings can listen in on videos or watch the engaging onsite videos from the Holy Land. Work your way through the entire curriculum from Genesis to Revelation, or pick and choose which books you want to study. Our self-paced curriculum means you can work through as quickly or slowly as you like. Easily work ahead one week and then pause for the next, or study the lessons consistently—you set the pace. 

Bible Journey makes tracking progress easy. 

Our included workbooks invite students to reflect, work through exercises, draw connections between the Scriptures and more. This offers a written portion that can easily be graded by parents, or just used to keep a record of your student’s work, learning and progress. 

Bible Journey’s complete curriculum is ready to use as is. 

While you can adapt Bible Journey as much as you need, it’s also a complete curriculum when used exactly as is. This means little to no prep time for parents—freeing you up to focus on other homeschool lesson planning, spend time working one-on-one with younger siblings, or even to just enjoy diving into the Scriptures. Because the curriculum is easy to navigate for tech-savvy students, it’s also a great way for students to practice independent study. 

Bible Journey is engaging enough for the whole family. 

While the Bible Journey curriculum is a theologically rich and challenging curriculum, there are parts that the whole family can enjoy, from younger siblings to grandparents! One of our homeschool families described how their two children would often begin their lessons, watching the videos on the family’s TV, only to find their parents and grandparents drawn in to the videos as well—by the end of the lesson, the whole family was on the couch watching together! High schoolers and above tend to be best suited for studying the breadth of the curriculum. 

Bible Journey’s low cost point makes it easy to get started. 

While some homeschool curriculums and Bible programs can be quite cost-prohibitive, Bible Journey’s low cost point makes it easy to dive right in. Our subscription method means you need only pay for as long as you need it and no more. Our monthly pass is just $14.99, while our annual pass is just $149.99. With the monthly and annual passes, you’ll get complete access to the entire curriculum—45+ courses and 200+ lessons.

Bible Journey is great for both independent study and co-op groups. 

Bible Journey’s curriculum is designed for independent learning, perfect for homeschool students working in an individual setting. However, Bible Journey is also easily adapted for co-ops or other homeschool groups or classroom settings. The Bible Journey curriculum works especially well in groups when used with a flipped classroom approach. In this approach, the students will work through the bulk of the curriculum on their own—watching videos, doing exercises and readings, and so on—then come to class for further discussion, questions and interactive projects during class time. 

Bible Journey’s robust curriculum prepares students for college-level work. 

Bible Journey is taught and was developed by seminarians, meaning you’ll be studying rich theology with seminary-led courses. This is a great way to prepare high-school students for college-level work, as well as provide a solid and rigorous Scriptural foundation for high schoolers seeking to make their faith their own. In addition, since the curriculum is self-paced, your learners can go as quickly as they want or as slowly as they need. 
Ready to see how Bible Journey can work for your family? Get started today with a risk-free, 14-day free trial and experience the engaging, online curriculum for yourself.