Use Bible Journey Playbooks to Plan Your Curriculum

Welcome to Bible Journey! You are embarking on a comprehensive journey that will bring the Bible to life through theologically rich studies that are transformative for anyone who wants to grow in biblical knowledge.  

Bible Journey is appropriate for long-time churchgoers with extensive biblical knowledge, seminary graduates looking for a fresh perspective, pastors, lay leaders, or someone less familiar with Bible study courses who wants to engage more deeply in Scripture. Bible Journey offers online biblical training that fits where you are at this time in your life. You can study with a small group or a large group, or you can pursue online Bible courses on your own, according to your schedule.

Taught by Gordon-Conwell professor Dr. Tim Laniak, Bible Journey is a comprehensive and immersive online Bible curriculum covering Genesis to Revelation. Bible Journey curriculum can stand alone or add to other church-wide teaching.

Where and How to Begin

With 6 studies containing 7 to 8 courses each, and 5 lessons per course, where do you begin? If you feel led toward the Old Testament, start with one of these three studies: The Pentateuch, History & Poetry, and Prophecy & Restoration. The New Testament studies are The Gospels, Acts & Paul’s Epistles, and General Epistles & Revelation. Within each of these, you can opt to do all the courses and lessons, or customize the journey to your group members’ interests and time availability. Fortunately, Bible Journey has several playbooks to help you get started.

Look to the Church & Ministry Guide to discover all of the studies and the flexible online biblical training that can be tailored to your entire congregation or to groups within your church. With remote learning, small or large groups can still study together when they can’t be together. If you aren’t part of a small group, you can pursue Bible study courses on your own, as well. Are you looking for more content beyond the lessons? Interactive maps, on-site videos and 360̊ videos of the Holy Land and bonus material amplify the online lectures.

Bible Learning for Your Goals, on Your Schedule

What about group size, background or schedule? Whatever the group size and focus, the leaders can tailor programs to fit the goals and schedules of the members. The Church Guides Playbook: Small Groups takes you through the process of signing up and using Journey Prep mini-courses to become familiar with the content and platform. Maybe you are planning a six-month group for lay leaders; maybe your group will be new Christians and anyone else wishing to deepen their knowledge of Scripture within a two-month period. With this playbook, group leaders know that they always have support for any curriculum and technical issues.

When you embark on one of the studies, expect to spend three to six hours on each course contained in a complete study. This means that you will finish all 5 lessons in a course within that time. However, you can spend as much time or as little time as you need to complete each segment of a study. You and your group are also able to decide how often to meet and how much to accomplish before each meeting.

Another plan you might pursue is a brief daily study of one Bible book. This can be accomplished in 15-minute guided daily studies: 5 minutes of Bible reading and 10 minutes of curriculum. The new Acts & Pentecost Bible Reading Plan does just this. Each daily program has a theme with a reading of one or two chapters of Acts and curriculum to understand the true intent of the chapters. Look for the Acts plan on the Bible Journey dashboard under Exclusive Bonus Content. Expect the same immersive content in these studies as in the larger studies.

Seasonal Studies: Summer, Advent, Lent

When summer comes and life slows down a little, it doesn’t mean Bible study has to end. If your fellow church members yearn for more online theology, take a look at the many possibilities in Church Guide Playbook: Summer. You can tailor a Bible Journey deep dive into a single book of the Bible to fit into six or eight weeks. Or choose to complete an entire study in 16 weeks. As always, a church staff member or study leader will have access to technical and any other support needed.

Coming soon! Advent and Lent—Most churches and small groups celebrate the anticipation of the birth of Christ and the time of waiting between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Would your church or small group enjoy taking a fresh, expansive look at the seasons of Advent and Lent? A customized study could illuminate where Jesus is in the Old Testament and point to Old Testament prophecies about Jesus. The study could be customized to fit the four weeks of Advent—or longer—or to the 40-plus days of Lent. The Church Guide Playbook: Advent and Church Guide Playbook: Lent take you beyond the well-known stories of Advent and Lent. These playbooks open the door to the events of the two beloved seasons and what they meant to people living at the time. 

A full leader’s guide is in development. If you’d like access to an early copy, please contact us at