Join Us for a Bible Journey Webinar: “Unpacking the Meaning of Pentecost”

Originally Recorded Thursday, May 13, 7pm-9pm

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Join us on our second-ever Bible Journey webinar, “Unpacking the Meaning of Pentecost,” originally recorded on May 13 from 7-9 pm. As a sequel to the themes of Passover that we explored in March, Dr. Tim Laniak will now examine the significance of the Acts 2 account of Pentecost through its agricultural, historical, and anticipatory dimensions.

We’ve been through a dark season of loss, grief, and waiting. Now, as we look towards a more hopeful spring, the celebration of Pentecost offers us a deeper understanding of our mission and faith.

What is Pentecost? Pentecost stems from the ancient Jewish feast of the spring harvest known as the Festival of Weeks. The Jews celebrate the Firstfruits of the spring harvest and the gift of the Torah on Mount Sinai. Both represent the promise, presence, and provision of God for his people after 7 weeks of hopeful waiting since Passover.

For Christians, this Old Testament festival rises to a crescendo when the promised Holy Spirit descends upon Christ’s Apostles after his death and resurrection. In this one moment, as faithful Jews gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the harvest, the Gospel message became a flame that would ignite new life in the far corners of the world. Today we celebrate Pentecost as the culmination of Old Testament prophecies: the coming of the Holy Spirit and the “harvest” and hope of the Gospel.

In our webinar, we will explore the multilayered significance of Pentecost—what it tells us about God’s promises, Christ’s fulfillment, and the Spirit’s igniting power. We will unravel questions about how Pentecost is the key to understanding some of the most critical issues in the first-century Church and how those issues illuminate the uniqueness of our spiritual life and mission today.

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