The Impact of Bible Journey, as Told by Our Scholarship Recipients

The impact of Bible Journey is deep, long-lasting biblical knowledge, application and increased understanding and Bible engagement. Through engaging videos and insightful lectures that bring the Bible to life in a new way, Bible Journey can transform your experience with Scripture. But don’t take our word for it! Instead, hear from some of our Bible Journey scholarship recipients and the impact of Bible Journey on their spiritual growth and Bible engagement. 

Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.

“I wanted to tell you what a life-giving experience it has been to go through Bible Journey. I have felt so loved and cherished as I go through the curriculum. I will never understand why a God of such majesty and honor would choose someone like me to know him and love him in return. I’m grateful for the ways I now see him in Scripture that were unknown to me before… thanks to your work and the journey platform.” – Jacqueline

“The Bible Journey study was so interesting. I loved the History portions to know why we do what we do and the rich traditions of the Jewish faith. It’s always been hard for me to get through Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, but the study actually made them interesting. Dr. Laniak was very clear on getting the message across.” – Pat S. 

“Bible Journey has been exactly what I was looking for in a Bible study.  I have learned more from taking this study than in any previous course. The explanations & insight offered into the text has helped me understand so much in the Old Testament that previously was hard to read & make sense of.”  – Charlene S. 

“Bible Journey grounds our faith deeply to the world of the Bible. There are more insights in each weekly section than I had in some classes I had in seminary. Dr. Tim Laniak is a gifted teacher.” – Pastor Thomas

“I have never gained such a full understanding of God’s Word as I have from this study. It places me in the Jewish cultural mindset and brings so many things to life that had no meaning to me before. I see God working in mighty ways to show us how much He loves us through Dr. Laniak and his team.  What a blessing!” – Rhonda M. 

“Bible Journey is a fascinating study taking the Bible stories you’ve always known and overlaying the geography and background of the time to bring to life a real-life picture of the events throughout the Bible. There is so much information that is really a resource which requires spending quality time going through the material. This study provides so many details that make the stories in the Bible come alive.” – Tracey W. 

“Bible Journey has been a very enlightening experience. The content has been excellent. I especially have benefited from the many different references, resources cited and shown throughout to affirm and clarify subject matter. Dr. Laniak is easy to follow and understand for the novice as well as the advanced student.  For me personally, I have had subject matter clarified in a way that I can understand, through the excellent resources provided through the online course material as well as Dr. Laniak’s vast knowledge and narratives.” – Nancy R

“We have learned soooooo much about the Bible during our Bible Journey study!  From learning about what an important character the land is to deepening our understanding of God’s laws for and love of his people, Bible Journey is an experience ANYONE at any level of Biblical knowledge can benefit from. Thank you Dr. Laniak and the Bible Journey Team!” – Scott & Linda B. 

“As someone that is not a history buff, Dr. Laniak has opened my eyes and given me a better understanding of the history, people and places in the Bible! I feel more knowledgeable now being given the opportunity to participate in BibleJourney. I look forward to seeing first-hand the places I have learned about.”  – Tammy Z 

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