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How to Get Started with Bible Journey for Small Groups

Bible Journey‘s interactive and reflective curriculum lends itself well to personal work and reflection as well as discussion within a small-group setting. Whether you’d like a curriculum for all the small groups or life groups in your church to work through together, or just have a small group of your own that you’re looking for a study for, Bible Journey is easily customizable for community groups of various sizes and purposes.

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How to Get Started with Bible Journey for Ministry Groups

Bible Journey is an excellent resource for ministry teams! Ministry teams of all kinds—from paid church staff to lay volunteers at churches and non-profits to teams of leaders within ministries of all sizes—can benefit from Bible Journey’s unique curriculum. Whether you want to provide effective and engaging biblical training to your team, deepen biblical engagement and support personal growth amongst your ministry staff, or provide interactive curriculum for discipleship and study, Bible Journey courses are an engaging and transformative resource.

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7 Groups that Would Benefit from Bible Journey

Wondering if Bible Journey is right for your group? Finding good, theologically-rich, interactive, and effective Bible training or Bible studies for your group can be difficult! Whether your group is a small group of just a few people, a large ministry or an entire congregation, there are so many groups that will benefit from Bible Journey’s immersive and transformative courses.

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Music Playlists

Music has been a source of worship, inspiration and teaching for Christians throughout generations, so we wanted to pair each course with a playlist that you can use as you study, drive or just for reflection. Each playlist has been curated to illustrate how Scripture has inspired artists of various genres and is perfect for reflecting on each section of Scripture as you work through your Bible Journey courses.

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How to Prepare for your Bible Journey

Every journey—from a road trip to an academic degree to running a marathon—starts with some kind of training or preparation. Before you begin your Bible Journey courses, there’s a few small preparatory lessons that’ll help you get the most out of your studies. Prepare for your Bible Journey with these short lectures and reflection questions that’ll help orient you to the way we’ll study the Bible together.

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About Bible Journey

Deepen your understanding of the Scriptures, whenever and wherever you want. Study the entire Bible with us or just one book with access to our entire curriculum of online Bible courses from the first day you sign up. From the Pentatuech to Revelation, our intensive curriculum makes biblical training more accessible for everyone.