Our Favorite Bible Study Resources

What exactly is “Bible engagement?” Ministries around the world use this phrase—or similar phrases, like “Scripture engagement” or “biblical literacy”—to describe a focus on moving from simple knowledge about the Bible to application in one’s own life about what the Bible says. Biblical engagement is about actually engaging with the Scriptures, not just reading them.

One definition that says it well comes from the Center for Bible Engagement (CBE), which sums it  up in the actions “read, reflect and respond.” Reading (or listening) orients us to what Scripture says. Reflection ensures that we pause, meditate on its meaning and consider possible implications for our life. Responding is the necessary final step, which biblical engagement focuses on. Research on biblical engagement from the CBE has discovered that a meaningful encounter with Scripture four times a week will impact behavior in a measurable way. 

If you want to increase your biblical engagement and study the Bible in new ways this year, check out some of our favorite resources: 

YouVersion: YouVersion is the world’s most used Bible app with close to half a billion downloads. It provides free access to dozens of translations and versions and hosts thousands of reading plans to support your engagement.

GoTandem: GoTandem is an app designed by the Center for Bible Engagement. It is uniquely designed to measure your spiritual growth. Through personalized assessments, reminders and intuitive capabilities, GoTandem delivers personalized messages and verses uniquely for where you are on your spiritual journey. 

The American Bible Society: The American Bible Society is an historic leader in the Bible movement and regularly puts out survey data on “the state of the Bible” in the US. For research on Scriptural engagement in the US—and recommendations on how to grow your own biblical engagement—check out their research. 

The Bible Engagement Project: The Bible Engagement Project app was designed by the Assemblies of God as a part of a bold three-year emphasis on Scripture engagement in all their North American churches. The curriculum was designed to increase biblical engagement across all ages, with age-aligned plans for kids, youth and adults that any church can use. 

Scottish Bible Society: The Scottish Bible Society found a great way for people to connect during COVID! Their app collects daily videos from Christians around the world reading the same passage of Scripture in their own language—and allows you to add your own video. A great way to get connected to the global church during this isolating time!

She Reads Truth:  She Reads Truth is an award-winning app for its clean and user-friendly interface, plus is a popular platform for daily Bible reading. They also offer daily devotionals and study guides, with both print and online options. 

Of course, a subscription to Bible Journey is always a great way to increase your biblical engagement, with sections of each lesson dedicated to “In the Text” (what the Scriptures themselves have to say), “Behind the Text” (geographical, historical and cultural context), and “In Front of the Text” (application and implication for Christians throughout history and around the world). 

Start a free, 14-day trial today and see how Bible Journey can shape your understanding of Scripture!