Join Dr. Tim Laniak for a First-Ever Live Holy Week Webinar

Midway through Lent, you may be looking forward to and longing for the hope and excitement of Easter—especially in a year and season where many of us are grieving or longing for so much. This year, you can deepen your Lenten reflections by joining Dr. Laniak for a pre-recorded live webinar for only $10 per household.

Lent is a time of reflection and anticipation. Through this 40-day period leading up to Easter, Christians around the world have a chance to remember and replicate Jesus’s sacrifice and his sojourn in the desert for 40 days. Though this is a season of remembrance and fasting for Christians, it’s also a time of anticipation for the great wonder and miracle to come, that is, Jesus’ death and resurrection celebrated in Easter. 

The climax of our 40-day sojourn is not just Easter, but the roller-coaster of Holy Week. Holy Week takes us from the heights of Palm Sunday’s accolades and worship to the torture and death of Christ on the cross, to a miraculous resurrection on Easter Sunday. These events are at the very center of Scripture and the Gospel: everything else points to, and depends upon, these critical events. 

Dr. Laniak’s two-hour webinar will highlight and help uncover three threads of biblical tradition that converge at Easter. Although Easter is a Christian, rather than a Jewish, holiday, the Jewish Passover tradition has a lot to teach us about Easter. Come listen in with Dr. Laniak and understand how these Old Testament traditions, prayers and concepts deepen our understanding and awe of Easter. 

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