How Your Bible Journey Scholarships Make a Difference 

We’re so grateful to Bible Coalition for generously coming alongside us in our mission of providing rich biblical training and education in providing scholarships to the Bible Journey courses for those who need them. By making a donation through Bible Coalition, you can provide students of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to study the Bible in a deeper way and increase their biblical literacy and understanding.

Our scholarship recipients continuously mention how Bible Journey has reshaped their understanding of the Bible, deepened their understanding of Scripture and enriched their faith and biblical knowledge.

But don’t take our word for it—hear directly from them for yourself. 

Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.

“For some, the first five books of the Bible can be quite a challenge to read. Dr. Laniak was so completely well-versed and comfortable with the information that was included. He and his team explained the background, and showed us the real mountaintops, valleys and battlefields. It actually felt like we were standing right at the area where David and Goliath fought! … It was almost like being on a live tour for 12 months, without all the annoying luggage to drag around. The Bible Journey was, of course, not just about reading the Bible, but traveling through time to better experience God’s people and God’s love. Thank you so much for this amazing experience and for bringing the Bible to life for us!” – Don & Mary

“I have found Bible Journey an extremely engaging and relevant study for the Christian disciple.  The multi-pronged study approach of “In the Text,” “Behind the Text,” and “In Front of the Text” adds a lot of important biblical, cultural and historic context….I find myself looking forward to participating in our weekly group Bible Journey session along with following up with self-study interaction in the Bible Journey app.” – Gary T. 

“Bible Journey has been a bright light especially during these dark times. I have learned a great deal in the virtual journey through the Holy Land and other biblical places that illustrate religious people, along with Jesus and or the disciples. As I learn best visually, this course has caused the Bible’s teaching to jump from the pages, even those difficult chapters. Thank you very much for allowing me to be a part of such spiritual enlightenment.” – Paula A

“Our weekly studies in BibleJourney have taken us to new depths in digging out the truths and applications of God’s Word.  We look forward each week to Dr Laniak’s beautiful video footage of Biblical lands and cultures as well as his observations and insights drawing the Old and New Testaments together in ways that lead to our worship of our Wonderful God.” – Mike & Rebecca N.

“Bible Journey is a unique piece with helpful understanding of history during Biblical times, a great authority for those who might have questions about the Bible and the Author and an empowering resource for Christians who seek to be closer to God and understand the moving written word as it applies to their life today.” – Karen W. 

“I’ve never been involved in a Bible Study that explained how the history, culture, geography of the land, traditions, and even climate affected the story of God and Israel—how all aspects point to our relationship with God.  Love the videos produced on site, too—the one on communion made a huge change on my understanding of what is taking place at communion.” – Dell S. 

“I have often fallen into the trap of regarding Old Testament personalities in a two-dimensional sense.  Bible Journey has been eye opening.  These people were multi-dimensional and lived and operated in complex societies.  Living in error, they were nurtured along gently by God.  I cannot help but find many parallels in our world today.  Give me more!!” – Cyndi T. 

“The unique aspect of Bible Journey is the behind-the-Scripture video clips that bring God’s Word into Biblical time and geographical perspective. Each chapter has become richer, deeper and more meaningful to me.” – John L. 

“We have tremendously enjoyed the experience of learning about the history and current culture of the people of the Middle East. Other Bible studies that we participate in have been enriched by the foundation that Bible Journey has provided. The videos have helped to make the first five books of the Bible come to life.” – Jodi and David O.

“I especially appreciate the larger view of how God’s commandments, cultural knowledge, land use and weather patterns fit into the surrounding nations’ cultural knowledge and the experience of the Israelites to make the Scriptures come alive and have relevance. I have appreciated the audio/visuals and clear presentations by Dr. Laniak. Reading Scripture as a backdrop for teaching is important, too, to put the teaching into perspective. I have gained an increasing depth of knowledge about the meaning and reasoning behind biblical text. – Eric K. 

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