How to Get Started with Bible Journey
How to Get Started with Bible Journey

How to Get Started with Bible Journey

Welcome to Bible Journey! Whether you’re joining us for just a few courses or to journey through the entire Bible together, we’re glad you’re here and we’re excited to journey with you through our immersive and engaging online Bible courses. 

Ready to get started? We’ll show you how. 


How is Bible Journey designed? 

Interpreting the Bible In the Text, Behind the Text, In Front of the Text

The Bible Journey curriculum has six studies (three for the Old Testament and three for the New Testament), 45 courses (7-8 per study) and over 220 lessons in total. Each lesson has three main aspects: 

  1. In the Text. These lessons will help you dive into the words of Scripture and immerse yourself in themes, terms, structures and meta-narrative of the text.
  2. Behind the Text. These lessons allow you explore the historical, geographical and cultural contexts of Scripture.
  3. In Front of the Text. These lessons explore the implications and impact of the Scriptures on Christians throughout history and around the world. 

Each Bible Journey course is designed so that you can work through the lessons at your own pace. Take as much or as little time as you need! Your host and guide, Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin and Dr. Tim Laniak, will guide you through each step of your journey. A short lesson at the start of each course will introduce you to the course, give you some tips on getting the most out of your study and provide you with the workbook, so you’ll have everything you need to dive in.



Where should I begin? 

Where do you start for your Bible Journey?

We recommend working from the beginning of a Testament (the beginning of the Old Testament, if you’re going through the entire Bible) with the Old Testament Field Guide or the New Testament Field Guide. These courses will give you a foundation from which to make your way through the courses and studies of each Testament. The courses do build on each other, so it’s helpful to go in order. If you’d just like to get a taste of what Bible Journey is all about, you can sign up for a free trial of our complete Gospel of John course.

Before you begin, you might like to work through our short Bible Journey preparation lessons. These short videos and reflection questions will help orient you to our method of Bible study and help you prepare for your Bible Journey.


What do I need to get started? 

What you need for your Bible Journey

Once you’ve signed up, you’re ready to begin. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so by subscribing with a monthly or annual pass. You should make sure you have a Bible (our curriculum uses the NIV, but you’re welcome to use whichever translation you prefer) and your Bible Journey course (on a laptop, tablet or phone). Many students also like to have a journal so they can keep track of notes, reflections and so on as they progress throughout the course. If you like working with music, we’ve also created Spotify/Apple Music playlists for each course that you can listen to as you study.