How to Get Started Using Bible Journey with your Classroom
Professor helping student with assigned work from Bible Journey.

Why Use Bible Journey with your Classroom

Bible Journey’s interactive and engaging curriculum provides a solid foundational text for college and seminary courses. Taught by a seminary professor, Bible Journey’s curriculum serves as an in-depth and immersive educational resource. Our courses are carefully constructed with adult learning pedagogical principles in mind, meaning high-quality materials for your students and less prep for you. If you’re interested in getting started with using Bible Journey as a text or a resource for your classroom, here’s a few major advantages and ways to get started.

Immersive biblical education

Bible Journey provides biblical education in a way that few other curriculums do. Besides the engaging lectures and exercises available for students to study or review on-demand, Bible Journey provides an immersive experience that takes students to the heart of the Holy Land and connects them with the wider Church. They’ll tour where David shepherded, walk where Jesus walked, examine where Lazarus rose from the dead and much more through 360-degree videos from the Holy Land. Plus, they’ll listen to dozens of interviews from a variety of pastors, scholars, church leaders around the world and more.

Adaptive texts and curriculum

Bible Journey’s courses are completely online and self-paced, which makes them incredibly adaptive for a variety of classroom settings. They fit in flawlessly with virtual or hybrid classes and can serve as a primary text, a recommended resource, a supplement for particular units or as additional training for higher-level students. Use Bible Journey as the core curriculum for your classroom and build your syllabus around our engaging curriculum, or peruse the courses first and hand-pick the sections that will be most useful for your students.

Seminary-led, in-depth courses

Your students will be led by Dr. Tim Laniak, whose 20+ years of seminary teaching and research experience create a rich learning environment. In addition, Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin joins Dr. Laniak with extensive pastoral experience as Bible Journey’s host. Through lectures, interviews, on-site videos from the Holy Land, journal and study questions, quizzes, exercises, readings and more, Bible Journey’s curriculum provides in-depth Bible and theology education for graduate and undergraduate students alike.

How to Get Started Using Bible Journey with your Classroom

Use the Bible Journey studies as e-texts

We’ve seen professors have great success incorporating the Bible Journey curriculum into their classrooms as either required or recommended “e-texts.” The first three Bible Journey studies work well to provide a “textbook” for Old Testament survey courses and the second three for New Testament surveys. If the class is an introduction to or overview of the entire Bible, you could easily use all six by adapting which lessons, lectures and readings you require of your students. The Bible Journey studies provide enough content to serve as the primary text for six graduate-level seminary courses.

Consider “flipping” your classroom

Bible Journey allows you to easily adopt a flipped classroom model, where students watch lectures and complete readings, assignments and quizzes on their own before arriving to class ready for discussion and conversation. A flipped classroom enhances learning opportunities for students by providing more classroom discussion time and ample time to study and review the lectures and content as much as they need. A flipped classroom also works particularly well for hybrid or virtual classes, as it allows your video meetings to be time to discuss key learnings and questions, rather than delivering virtual lectures.

Build your Bible Journey syllabus

Whether you’re using Bible Journey as an optional, supplementary text or as the foundational materials for your course, you’ll need to become familiar with the curriculum and decide how much you will require of your students. We’ve found that it typically takes more time to review and become accustomed to our immersive multimedia resource than a typical textbook. For professors looking for increased depth for their courses, the bonus content within Bible Journey’s curriculum can be made required.

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