Giving the Gift of Bible Engagement this Christmas
Lighting a candle on an advent wreath.

Giving the Gift of Bible Engagement this Christmas

Advent is traditionally a season of reflection and waiting before the coming of Christ, celebrated on Christmas. This year during Advent, Bible Journey can be a tool for you—or another—to deepen your biblical engagement and provide ample space for both study and reflection during this season. 

Here’s 5 ways that Bible Journey can enrich your Advent season this year.

1. Take a deep dive into the Gospels

What better time to take a deep dive into the Gospels than during the Advent season? Walk through not only the Christmas story and the theology of the Incarnation, but Jesus’ life, ministry and teachings this year. A month-long subscription to Bible Journey gives you a chance to dive into Bible Journey this December, either on your own or with a small group. Or, with an annual subscription, you can take your time working your way through the four gospels, immersing yourself in the Scriptures as well as historical, cultural and geographic contexts and virtual reality videos from the Holy Land that’ll help you experience the Christmas story like never before. 

2. Discover the impact of the Bible on the global Church

In a time that has left many of us feeling more isolated and divided from our friends and neighbors than before, Bible Journey is the perfect resource to help you understand the impact of the Scriptures on the global Church, both now and across history. Listen in on interviews with leaders from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, perspectives and denominations to understand the work that God is doing around the world and connect to the broader Church and Bible movement.

3. Share Bible Journey and give the gift of Biblical engagement

Bible Journey makes for a wonderful gift for the young grad, new Christian friend, ministry volunteers or others in your life who might be seeking a more reflective Christmas season. You can purchase a month-long or annual subscription to Bible Journey as a gift and provide someone else with the opportunity to dive into the Scriptures in a new way: immersing themselves in God’s word, traveling virtually to the Holy Land and listening in on lectures and interviews with Christians around the world. What better gift to give this Christmas?

4. Gain understanding of how the entire Bible points to Jesus

While Advent season readings typically focus on the Gospels, as they cover the life and ministry of Jesus, Bible Journey is the perfect way to take a walk through the entirety of Scripture and understand (perhaps for the first time?) how all of Scripture points to Christ. From the Pentateuch to the prophets, the entirety of Scripture foreshadows and points to the coming Messiah. During this Advent season of waiting and longing, expand your perspective of how the ancient Israelites were also waiting and longing for the Messiah.

5. Connect with a friend or neighbor by walking through a Bible Journey course together this Advent

While Bible Journey’s completely online, self-paced courses are perfect for individual study and reflection, our studies can often go further and deeper when we share them in community with others. Why not invite a friend or neighbor to join you in studying the Gospels or another Bible Journey course this Advent? Gift them with a monthly subscription to study together through the Advent season or gather a small group together to dive into a year-long study of the entire Bible. 

Whether you’re looking for a study to go through on your own for a more reflective Advent or a way to dive into Scripture with a small group this Christmas, Bible Journey is the perfect way to move away from a commercialized Christmas and into a more intentional Advent.