Fresh Breadth

By: Linda P. Prince, originally published in September 2019 for The Compass.

Over the past year, I have written several articles about Truth with a capital T. I have also written about the Bible as the source of Truth and our radar for discernment. Today, I bring you a completely new weapon for the battle. 

In the business world, it would be called new, new, new.

It is new because of its approach to the Bible. It is a study with breadth. Perhaps you have sat in a study where the teacher spends six weeks describing obscure links to “the eyes all around” on one of the creatures in Revelation. This is not that. It is not a deep dive into minute detail. Instead it provides a reach across time and space. It reaches “Behind The Text”  into the culture, geography and social constructs of the scriptural setting, bringing you the itch of desert sands, the panting of lion’s breathe and the true definition of a stable, complete with the smell of hay and a renewed awe for the reverberating cry of a newborn.

It takes you “In The Text” to explore what scripture is saying. Ah, and here lies part of the newness or rather renew-ness. It treats scripture as God intended — as a treatise on who He is. For in the arc of history, this is how the church once studied scripture. This study lifts your gaze.  The words of an old hymn come to mind:  “Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.” 

It then goes “In Front of The Text” in a new way. Most contemporary resources focus on what I call me and mine, “life application.”  What is the text saying to me, in my pain?… How can I apply it to my life?… 

IT, and by now you are wondering what IT is… It, again lifts your gaze from me and mine to Thee and Thine. “In Front of the Text” looks at God’s Kingdom work in our day, the kaleidoscope of ways the global Church is living out “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done on earth….”  Through live interviews with mission leaders around the world, subject matter scholars, and carefully curated articles, you are given a glimpse of the outpouring in our day.

Perhaps most important, IT is a new work of the Spirit. It is a fresh breath. Breathed into the church and the hearts of those hungry for more truth, for more of God — for such a time as this. 

The final new is perhaps the hardest to describe. The method is also a new way to study the Bible.  It is approachable, multi-media all the way to segments of virtual reality, interactive, portable, crowds out perilous screen time, replacing it with wholesome screen time. It is also liquid. Liquid in that it can flow around everything else. You can use it in the doctors office waiting room, sling it up on your Apple TV when you are too tired to read or share it with a friend over coffee, or listen while you drive. IT is an App!

It is a teaching App called Bible Journey — developed through five of God’s faithful with dogged obedience and a unique anointing on their lives; one with an anointing to teach, two with a desire to reach, one with the vision and means and one with a winsome-ness hard to resist. This core of five have since been joined by more than a hundred content contributors from around the globe. The results are astounding.

Bible Journey is to Bible learning as GPS is to the hard to fold paper map. 

It is new, new, new! Enjoy!