Content Spotlight: Join a Conversation with the Global Church

Bible Journey features a huge variety of interactive, multimedia content, from lectures and readings to workbook exercises, quizzes, maps, interviews and more. However, one of our favorite features of Bible Journey is the engaging cross-cultural content and application that helps students not only immerse themselves in Scriptural study, but understand the context of particular passages historically. Even more, you’ll be able to understand how those Scriptures have been interpreted and applied around the world and throughout history.

What cross-cultural content will I find in Bible Journey?

Diversity and cross-cultural discussion and teaching is woven throughout the curriculum, both explicitly and implicitly. Although cross-cultural discussions and teachings can (and do) appear at many points throughout Bible Journey, the In Front of the Text sections in particular are a time of hearing from Christians around the world to understand how the Scriptures are impacting the global Church, and the Church across time. 

You’ll get to hear lectures and interviews with first-class scholars and major missional leaders from around the world. Throughout the Bible Journey curriculum, more than 50 specialists and leaders are featured, so you’ll constantly have the opportunity to consider Scriptures’ impact from a variety of perspectives. The leaders you’ll hear from include evangelicals as well as Catholics, Orthodox Christians, agnostic and Moslem leaders and specialists. 

Lectures and interviews aren’t the only places where you’ll find cross-cultural content and application, though. Within each Bible Journey lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into the cultural, geographical and historical context of the Scriptures with the Behind the Text section as well. In these modules, you’ll travel to the Holy Land through our 360-degree videos to immerse yourself in the actual places where biblical stories and events took place. You’ll also get to hear from leaders, pastors and scholars to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural context in which the Scriptures were written. 

A Picture of Cross-Cultural Content in Bible Journey

The Bible Journey lessons on the story of Joseph provide an excellent example of the kinds of cross-cultural content you’ll encounter in our studies. In the Joseph lesson, you’ll go Behind the Text with a Muslim Egyptologist who will introduce you to the land of Joseph where his storehouses were possibly built. Then, in the In Front of the Text section, we’ll meet with two African leaders—both in very different ministries!—who point to Joseph as their role model for ministry. 

For one of these leaders, Joseph’s story helped him navigate the Arab Spring as the President of the Protestant Church in Egypt. For the other, in sub-Saharan Africa, Joseph’s story helped him reconcile through his post-genocide reconciliation ministry with kinfolk who tried to kill him! Joseph’s not the only story where cross-cultural understanding is prioritized in Bible Journey’s curriculum, though. In Bible Journey, you’ll learn about celebrating the Sabbath by a group of Messianic believers, study reconciliation with Arab Christians, hear about miracles occurring today in the Middle East from an Iranian pastor, and so much more.

Connect to the global Church’s work

As you journey through Bible Journey’s studies, you’ll discover that the Bible has inspired countless ministries, movements and pieces of music. Ministries like Samaritan’s Purse and the Salvation Army; movements like the Reformation, Abolition and Civil Rights; and music by musicians like Michael Card and Sara Groves—who you’ll hear from directly in our interviews with them. Chances are, you are part of many movements and ministries that have a biblical foundation—and that will fuel your sense of connection to the historical and global Church!

Whether you’re connecting with the global Church through understanding your existing connections that you may not have been aware of, or seeing how the Bible has come to life in different cultures and contexts around the world, Bible Journey is designed to deepen your relationship to both Scripture and the Church.

Experience some of our cross-cultural content for yourself

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