Content Spotlight: Immerse yourself in the Holy Land with our 360 Videos

Bible Journey features a huge variety of interactive, multimedia content, from lectures and readings to workbook exercises, quizzes, maps, interviews and more. However, by far one of the most unique features you’ll get to experience with Bible Journey is the chance to immerse yourself in the Holy Land—to truly walk where Jesus walked—without ever leaving your house.

Our 360-degree videos will bring you right to the heart of Scripture, and where the Bible stories happened, without the need for VR headsets, goggles or any other tools (though they’re compatible if you do have those tools!). They’re available to explore from whatever device you typically access Bible Journey on, with the ability to move around the room, area or landscape and see a 360-degree view of everything being explored.

Where Can I Explore With Bible Journey’s 360-degree Videos? 

Through Bible Journey, you’ll get to travel through time to explore some of the most important Bible stories in history through immersive on-site videos. Visit the river where Jacob wrestled with an angel and the river Nile, a key part of life in ancient Egypt and an important symbol. Explore a Nubian village to learn more about Moses’ encounter with Pharaoh, visit a farm in Egypt to learn more about the Festival of Booths and visit the valley of Elah where David fought Goliath. 

Our videos don’t stop at the Old Testament, either—follow in the steps of Jesus, from a typical Palenstinian manger, to the shepherd fields in Bethlehem to the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. From these places and so many more, you’ll be able to truly dive into the historical, geographical and cultural context of Scripture through first-hand immersion in our 360-degree videos. 

See a 360-degree video for yourself

Watch one of our 360-degree videos now and see how you’ll be able to experience the Holy Land: 

In this video, we’ll go out on the Sea of Galilee with a local fisherman, Shlomo, who will teach us about traditional fishing in the same area where Jesus called many of his disciples to join him in being “fishers of men.” Learn about local fishing practices and how those would have related to Jesus’ words and original audience. As you watch the video, you can use the arrows in the upper corner to move the video around or use your VR goggles to sweep the frame and take a closer look at your surroundings. Experiencing what it’s like to fish on the Sea of Galilee will give you a much clearer perspective of the biblical stories and the call to be a fisher of men. 

Why 360-degree videos?

360-degree videos help engage various learning styles and all of your senses as you discover what the places in the Bible look like and feel like. You’ll also get to hear from local pastors, Christians and scholars in Holy Land regions with perspective on Scriptures and cultural context to deepen your understanding of Scripture. We’ve intentionally designed our curriculum to be full of a variety of content and multimedia aspects to cater to all learning styles—and help all students engage a variety of senses and learning techniques to get a fuller experience and deeper study. 

Experiencing the 360-degree videos adds another layer to your Bible study. Aside from simply studying the Scriptures themselves, Bible Journey courses provide context for both Behind the Text and In Front of the Text lessons to situate the Scriptures in their original context and how they’ve transformed and influenced the global church throughout history. 

Can I watch 360-degree videos with my VR headset?

Yes! Although 360-degree videos are designed so that everyone can access them, with or without additional tools, a VR headset is a great way to dive into the videos of the Holy Land with a more immersive experience.

VR goggles are sometimes called “empathy machines” for today’s digital generation. You can access this virtual reality technology more easily with VR goggles that can cost as little as $8. Virtual Reality helps students improve deep learning and retention through active, immersive, self-directed experiences. VR goggles display multiple images—one for each eye—to create a 3D image, as if you were actually in that place. Most headsets also respond to movement, so if you turn your head to the left, the video will turn to the left as well, so it’ll be easy to immerse yourself in the world you’re exploring.

To use your VR goggles, you’ll need to log into Bible Journey on your phone or tablet as well as download the YouTube app on your mobile phone or tablet. Scan the QR code for your goggles for the easiest setup and functionality. Then, when you come to 360-degree video in your Bible Journey courses, you’ll be able to select the option to transfer to the YouTube app to watch the video. Insert your phone into your goggles to watch the video through your VR goggles. More detailed instructions can be found with your individual pair of goggles, different pairs may work slightly differently.

Whether or not you use VR goggles, or just scroll around the videos with your mouse, these videos will help you discover the stories of the Bible in a whole new way. With our 360-degree videos, you’ll be able to dive deeper into the culture and context of Scriptures. You’ve never studied the Bible like this before! Sign up for a free trial of Bible Journey and get 14 days free to explore our entire curriculum.