7 Groups that Would Benefit from Bible Journey
Mother and daughter work on Bible Journey as part of home school curriculum.

7 Groups that Would Benefit from Bible Journey

Wondering if Bible Journey is right for your group? Finding good, theologically-rich, interactive, and effective Bible training or Bible studies for your group can be difficult! Whether your group is a small group of just a few people, a large ministry or an entire congregation, there are so many groups that will benefit from Bible Journey’s immersive and transformative courses. Further, Bible Journey’s easily-customizable and comprehensive curriculum makes it a good fit for a variety of groups and needs.

What could Bible Journey look like for your group? See how Bible Journey can be a useful resource for seven kinds of groups:

1. Ministry Leaders

Bible Journey courses provide an effective and transformative way to develop and prioritize the spiritual growth and biblical engagement for new or existing ministry staff and leaders. Working through the Bible Journey curriculum as a ministry team provides a deep-dive into the entire Bible. Your team will study not only the text and Scriptures themselves, but also understand the historical, cultural and geographical context behind the Scriptures. In addition, our “In Front of the Text” features provide an opportunity to see the Bible at work in Christians around the world and throughout history, putting the Scriptures into perspective and practice. 

Bible Journey provides high-quality training materials for use as a leadership development program for new leaders. In addition, if your ministry requires—or would like to provide—biblical training for ministry leaders, Bible Journey is an effective and easy-to-use way to provide discipleship for leaders new to, or within, your ministry. Bible Journey is also developed for both individual and group study, so leaders can go through the courses at their own pace or in small teams. For more ideas and information, see our article on how to use Bible Journey with your ministry teams.

2. Church-wide congregations

Thinking about how Bible Journey could benefit your entire congregation? You’re not alone! Bible Journey has successfully been used by churches for church-wide studies, Sunday School curriculum, as a supplement to the sermon series or just as a personal enrichment resource to provide to your congregation. Individuals and families may choose to go through Bible Journey on their own, or you may want to have a church-wide study where everyone can go through at a similar pace. Bible Journey also works well as a Sunday School curriculum, providing theologically-rich curriculum for the entire Bible, so that you can deepen biblical engagement and literacy among your church while saving yourself the time of creating all the material. For more ideas and information, see our article on how to get started with Bible Journey for your church.

3. Small groups

Bible Journey’s interactive and reflective curriculum lends itself well to personal work and reflection and discussion within a small-group setting. Whether you’d like a curriculum for all the small groups or community groups in your church to work through together, or just have a small group of your own that you’re looking for a study for, Bible Journey is easily customizable for small groups of various sizes and purposes. It can easily work as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to something else. For more ideas and information, check out our article on how to get started with Bible Journey for small groups. 

4. College and university classes

If you’re looking for rigorous and theologically-rich curriculum for your college class, Bible Journey works well as a supplement or textbook for college and seminary-level classes. You may choose to use parts of Bible Journey as a supplement to your own material, or perhaps create a syllabus from the Bible Journey curriculum. Bonus student resources, workbooks, articles, lecture videos, quizzes and more round out Bible Journey’s thorough and deep courses on every book of the Bible.

5. Businesses

As a business, you can provide a unique and personally enriching benefit to your employees by providing them with access to Bible Journey. Bible Journey courses are a valuable resource for spiritual growth and biblical engagement that can be explored individually or by small groups of employees, depending on the organization and nature of your business. Larger, for-profit companies may wish to provide Bible Journey subscriptions as a key benefit, while non-profits may wish to provide on-the-job biblical training to their employees. A Bible Journey subscription also provides the opportunity for your employees to have access to seminary-level courses as a benefit of working with you. For more ideas and information, see our article on how to get started with Bible Journey as an employee benefit.

6. College and University Ministries

College and university ministries can benefit greatly from using Bible Journey! Some college ministries use Bible Journey for the students within their ministry, providing an effective and engaging biblical discipleship program for them to work through. Students also have the option of working through the program individually or as an entire group, depending on the ministry. Alternatively (or concurrently), college and university ministries will find Bible Journey a fantastic resource for training effective leaders within the ministry. Your ministry leadership team would benefit from the deep theological study of Scriptures, cultural and historical context, and studies of how the Bible has impacted Christians around the world and throughout history. Bible Journey’s rich courses make engaging training for increased biblical literacy and effective impact among leaders. For more ideas and information, see our article on how to get started with Bible Journey for ministry groups.

7. Homeschool networks

Bible Journey can be a great resource for homeschool networks, whether you want to use it for high-school students or parent-teachers—or both! Homeschool groups who want to provide thorough and theologically-rich classes for motivated high schoolers can use the Bible Journey curriculum as a year- (or years-) long exploration of the entire Bible. In addition, it can be easily customized for more or less immersion/depth, depending on how much your students can handle. There are parts of the interactive and immersive curriculum—such as onsite videos and 360-degree videos from the Holy Land—that are likely to appeal to the entire family! And our completely online platform means that students can easily work through the curriculum on their own, at their own pace.

Want to see for yourself how Bible Journey can be a resource for your group? Get a two-week free trial of everything Bible Journey has to offer today.