5 Ways to Use Bible Journey at your College or Seminary
Young woman studying and completing Bible Journey course.

Bible Journey’s seminary-led online courses with rich theological training and in-depth biblical education make a natural fit in colleges, universities and seminaries with a number of uses and applications. Students at various levels and with a variety of vocational and ministry goals will find ample training and biblical education within Bible Journey’s immersive and interactive curriculum. To get started thinking about how Bible Journey could be used at your college or seminary, see our top 5 ways below.

1. As a classroom resource or e-text

The most natural way to incorporate Bible Journey’s curriculum at your college or seminary is as a classroom resource or e-text. Recommend Bible Journey as a supplemental text to your current curriculum, or use Bible Journey as the primary text for your class. Either way, Bible Journey provides a rich, in-depth learning experience and immerses students in the full biblical story from history to geography, archeology to anthropology, missiology to theology and more, all while discovering the ongoing impact of the Bible today. For more ideas on how and why to incorporate Bible Journey into your classroom, check out our guide to getting started with Bible Journey in your classroom.

2. As “pre-packaged” curriculum for adjunct professors

If your university uses adjunct professors to teach some of your biblical studies classes, Bible Journey can provide a curriculum resource to ensure consistency and quality across classrooms. Bible Journey provides an in-depth seminary-led curriculum on every book of the Bible, plus immersive on-site videos from the Holy Land, interviews, exercises, readings and more. This fills in gaps between various adjuncts areas of expertise and assures a consistent learning experience for students, while also providing adjuncts with an easily customizable curriculum and less prep work.

3. Allow students to complete Bible Journey for a prerequisite

Seminaries or graduate-level programs may also choose to use Bible Journey as a prerequisite for upper level courses, allowing students who completed Bible Journey prior to their enrollment to gain advanced standing. This can provide an attractive entrance ramp to individuals who have completed Bible Journey and wish to further their biblical education, while also ensuring that such students have ample biblical studies and understanding for upper-level coursework. Schools may choose to use completion analytics, Bible Journey workbooks and/or competency exams to ensure completion and understanding.

4. Provide additional training for volunteer or vocational ministries

For leaders or workers in volunteer or vocational ministries associated with your college, Bible Journey is a useful resource to provide education and ministry training to volunteers or leaders. Working in small groups or on their own, Bible Journey’s courses can be required training for specific leadership roles, or ministry teams may choose to work through Bible Journey together to increase biblical literacy and provide further discipleship. Bible Journey provides a thorough and transformative curriculum with in-depth biblical training to prioritize spiritual growth for your leaders as well as provide effective training for ministry. For more tips, see how and why to use Bible Journey as training for ministry leaders

5. Require of students in field-ed or supervised ministry training

For students in field education or supervised ministry training, Bible Journey can be a required training resource during their ministry training, or it can be a recommended resource for use within ministry settings. Students who have gone through Bible Journey can lead small groups through it or provide discipleship and biblical training in other ways using the Bible Journey curriculum. For more tips, see how and why to use Bible Journey within ministry settings

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