5 Steps To Start Using Bible Journey for Homeschool Today

Homeschool families love using Bible Journey as an interactive, engaging curriculum that can engage multiple students together. But where should you begin?

Thankfully for busy homeschool parents, the Bible Journey curriculum is ready to use, “straight out of the box.” Since it’s completely online, all you need to do is sign up and start your subscription and you’ll be ready to go. You can use Bible Journey “as is,” and work your way through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We’ll walk you through how to get started: 

Step #1: Choose your subscription. 

Bible Journey offers two easy subscription options, so you can pay for just what you need and can get off the ground running in just a few minutes. Decide if you’d like an annual subscription (the best deal) or a monthly subscription (perfect for shorter studies or if you need a smaller upfront cost). We recommend an annual subscription for most families. Journeying through the entire Bible—or even just the Old or New Testaments—typically takes a full school year or more, so an annual subscription is the easiest and most cost-efficient subscription for most families. 

Step #2: Explore the curriculum. 

As your student works through the curriculum, it’ll help you to have an understanding of how the curriculum is designed. Bible Journey includes detailed courses for all 66 books of the Bible—you can choose to study as many or as few as you’d like. We recommend starting with Genesis and working all the way through, or beginning with the Gospels. Although the courses on each book can be done as standalone courses, the curriculum is designed to be worked through sequentially. 

There are six studies, taking you and your student from the Pentatuech to the Epistles and Revelation. Each study contains 6-8 courses, which are in turn made up of shorter lessons and units. Typically, each course covers about one book of the Bible. Within the course, your student will have a variety of lessons: Behind the Text, In the Text, and In Front of the Text. Behind the Text sections will explore the historical, geographical and cultural contexts behind the Scriptures. In the Text lessons dive into the themes, terms, structures and narrative of Scripture. In Front of the Text lessons help you discover the implications and impact of the Scriptures on Christians throughout history and around the world.

Step #3: Decide on pacing for your student. 

Each student may want to work through at a slightly different pace, and you’ll know what will work best for your student. The Bible Journey curriculum is self-paced, so it’s easy for you (and your student) to work through the lessons as quickly or as slowly as you need. We recommend working through 2-3 lessons in a week, though younger students may need to go slower, and older students may even be able to work through more. There’s no need to rush though—and students will retain the most if they are able to work through it at a comfortable, steady pace.

Step #4: Decide on the right depth for your student. 

Bible Journey can easily be tailored for different ages. We recommend Bible Journey for high school students who are able to work mostly independently and are ready for thorough, in-depth Bible study. However, the whole family can be involved in the learning process! Younger students (and grandparents or other adults or family members!) may want to “watch in” to the on-site videos, while older students will want to dive into more of the curriculum.

The attached workbook for each course can be printed out and filled in or downloaded and completed digitally. The workbook is a great option for homeschool parents to track your student’s progress and grade or measure your student’s learning. Bonus content can be required from your student—or made optional—to further customize the content

Step #5: Dive in and enjoy your Bible Journey! 

Our rich, accessible and engaging content is the perfect fit for homeschool families looking for in-depth and flexible content. Customize Bible Journey to fit your family’s needs, or use it as is for an easy way to give your teen theologically rich instruction. 

Ready to get started with Bible Journey for your family? Sign up today and get a 14-day free trial to see how Bible Journey can serve your family’s learning needs!