4 Ways to Transform your Quarantine Experience with Bible Journey
Man with a mask on during the time of COVID-19 turning to prayer.
As the months of COVID-induced quarantine and social-distancing drag on, you might find your patience wearing thin as you stay home and isolated from your office, church and other communities. Many of us are feeling frustrated by cancelled events, disrupted goals and postponed plans. However, what if this season wasn’t just a time that felt wasted, or that you waited patiently for it to be over so we could resume “normal life?” What if this too was a time that God was wanting to use to transform you and prepare you for future ministry that you may not have even imagined yet?

Bible Journey’s completely online, in-depth Bible courses make the perfect Bible study to take you through quarantine and beyond, offering transformational learning and study wherever you are. Whether you’re looking for a way to dive into Scripture on your own, with your family or with a small group, Bible Journey offers an immersive and engaging way to study the Bible. Here are four ways that Bible Journey’s online Bible program can transform you during this isolating season.

Immerse yourself in Scripture

Between COVID, political tensions and global unrest, the world can feel more uncertain than ever. That only makes it more important to return to the Scriptures—or maybe take a deep dive into the entire Bible for the first time. Bible Journey’s immersive Scripture studies take you into the heart of Scripture, studying the entire Bible through three distinct types of study: “In the Text,” where you can take a deep dive into the words of Scripture itself; “Behind the Text,” which introduces the historical, geographical and cultural context of the Bible; and “In Front of the Text,” where you can explore the impact of Scripture on Christians across the world and throughout history. Between lectures, reading, exercises and other videos and resources, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a deep, thorough study of the story of the entire Bible like never before.

What better time than being stuck at home to transform your life with an in-depth, theologically rich exploration of the Scriptures?

Immerse yourself in the Holy Land

During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to feel cooped up and isolated while social-distancing from friends and church communities. While you might be tired of staring at the same four walls, Bible Journey’s immersive onsite and 360-degree videos transport you to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey or Greece. You may not be able to travel to the Holy Land physically right now, with Bible Journey, you can travel there virtually.

Want to find a way to engage the whole family in Bible studies while at home? Kids, teens and adults alike can get engaged in our immersive onsite videos. Travel to the streets where Jesus walked and the sites where some of the most significant Biblical events happened—from visiting Capernaum to the Nile River, to the Mount of Olives for a Palm Sunday procession or an Egyptian farm to learn more about the Festival of Booths. Get ready for the Bible to come alive in a whole new way while you explore the lands and sites where biblical events actually happened.

Community and transformation from wherever you are

If the isolation of COVID is wearing on you, finding new ways to engage with your community virtually can be a lifesaver. Thankfully, Bible Journey is a virtual-first curriculum, designed to be accessible wherever and whenever you’re ready to study. While Bible Journey can, of course, be studied and worked through independently, most of us learn better within community, with people who can discuss questions, share insights, pray for one another and offer support.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual study to use with your small group at church, or want to start a study with a group of your friends or colleagues scattered around the country (or the world!), Bible Journey’s online courses offer immersive and self-paced virtual learning. Create community from afar when you walk through the same studies and courses together.

Seminary-level study from the comfort of your couch

When more and more learning is being transitioned to virtual platforms, Bible Journey offers a completely online, self-paced program that was designed for online learning! Rather than interacting with a curriculum that was made for a classroom first, Bible Journey’s curriculum is designed for virtual learning and is full of interactive and immersive content that’ll take you deeper into Scripture.

Why not make the most of the extra time you have at home during COVID and dive into seminary-level Biblical courses and online training? Our rich theological courses provide an incredible foundation and preparation for teaching, ministry, missions or whatever else God might be calling you to in the future.

Not to mention that Bible Journey is an affordable, self-paced option, available for however long you need it. With one monthly or annual subscription, you’ll get instant access to our entire course collection covering every book of the Bible. Work through the courses at your own pace and let God transform you during this quarantine period.

Ready to get started? Subscribe to Bible Journey today with a 14-day free trial and see for yourself how Bible Journey could transform your quarantine experience.