Dive into the books of Moses and uncover the history and formation of God’s people.

From the very beginning, the Scriptures lay out God’s plan for his creation and his people. What does Genesis tell us about our world, origin, identity and purpose? What does the history and formation of God’s people teach us about who God is? Explore these questions and more as you discover a deeper theology and meaning from the stories and instructions of the Pentateuch. 

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Courses Included: 

  • Course 1: Old Testament Field Guide

    Orient yourself to the geographical, historical, cultural and religious context of the Old Testament.

    • Lesson 1: Getting Ready
    • Lesson 2: Geography & Religion
    • Lesson 3: Geopolitical History
    • Lesson 4: Ancient Near Eastern Sources
    • Lesson 5: Impact of the Old Testament
  • Course 2: (Genesis 1-11) Covenant Relationship Initiated

    What do the first eleven chapters of Genesis tell us, not just about the world in general, but about our world, about our origin, our identity, our purpose? Dive into these questions and more in the beginning of Genesis.

    • Lesson 1: Genesis 1-2: Creation of the World
    • Lesson 2: Genesis 1-2: Royal image Bearers
    • Lesson 3: Rebellion & Consequences (Gen 3-5)
    • Lesson 4: Flood & New Creation (Gen 6-9)
    • Lesson 5: Babel & the Scattering of Nations (Gen 10-11)
  • Course 3: (Genesis 12-50) Covenant Family Established

    Step into the stories of these pioneers of faith who, on occasion, showed extraordinary courage and fortitude and trust in God but who also made major compromises along the way. Get ready to uncover what we can learn from them and their stories.

    • Lesson 1: The Patriarchs
    • Lesson 2: Abraham (Gen 12-24)
    • Lesson 3: Jacob (Gen 25-36)
    • Lesson 4: Joseph (Gen 37-50)
    • Lesson 5: Conclusion
  • Course 4: (Exodus 1–19) Covenant People Rescued

    Where is the God of the promises when we enter the story of Exodus? See how God reveals himself and his plan for his people in his rescue of his people from their suffering in Egypt.

    • Lesson 1: Rescuer Prepared
    • Lesson 2: Judgment by Plagues (Ex 4-11, 15)
    • Lesson 3: Passover (Ex 12-13)
    • Lesson 4: Liberation: Crossing the Sea (Ex 13-15)
    • Lesson 5: Journey to Sinai (Ex 16-19)
  • Course 5: (Exodus 20-40) Holy Calling, Holy Place

    Study how God begins to set the terms for living in a covenant relationship with him and with one another—and what his calling for the Israelites means for us today.

    • Lesson 1: National Covenant Initiated
    • Lesson 2: National Covenant Formalized
    • Lesson 3: Laws of the Divine King
    • Lesson 4: Sacred Place: Tabernacle
    • Lesson 5: Tabernacle as New Creation
  • Course 6: (Leviticus pt 1) Holy Priesthood, Holy Offerings

    What does it mean to be holy and how does God call the Israelities to worship him? Explore both of these questions (and more) in the book of Leviticus.

    • Lesson 1: Holy Priesthood Part 1 (Ex 29, 40; Lev 7-10, 21-22)
    • Lesson 2: Holy Priesthood Part 2 ( Ex 29, 40; Lev 7-10, 21-22)
    • Lesson 3: Sacred Offerings & Sacrifices (Lev 11-20)
    • Lesson 4: Unique Offering (Lev 16-17)
    • Lesson 5: Views of Sanctity (Lev 17-27)
  • Course 7: (Leviticus & Numbers) Holy Days, Holy People

    Take a closer look at the regulations of Leviticus and uncover how they unveil a vision for a life that is deeply, thoroughly, wholeheartedly yielded to God and for a people set apart for God and for his purposes.

    • Lesson 1: Sacred Time: Sabbath & Jubilee (Lev 25)
    • Lesson 2: Sacred Time: Pilgrimage Festivals (Lev 23, Num 9, 28-29; Deut 16)
    • Lesson 3: Sacred Community (Lev 11-20)
    • Lesson 4: People Ready (Num 1-10)
    • Lesson 5: People Not Ready (Num 11-20)
  • Course 8: (Numbers & Deuteronomy) Looking Back, Heading Home

    Dive into Deuteronomy and see how it lays out God’s vision for a community that will be a light to the nations.

    • Lesson 1: Ready or Not! (Num 20-36)
    • Lesson 2: Covenantal History (Deut 1-4)
    • Lesson 3: Covenantal Challenge (Deut 5-26)
    • Lesson 4: Case Study: Moses (Ex-Deut)
    • Lesson 5: Looking Back, Heading Home (Nem, Deut)

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