General Epistles & Revelation

Explore the deep theology and symbolism in the New Testament and what it means for the Christian life.

How does the Old Testament point towards Christ? What does faith in action look like? How are we to interpret Revelation’s rich imagery and mysterious symbolism? Discover answers to questions like these with the rich theology and practical wisdom and encouragement of the final books of the Bible.

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Courses Included: 

  • Course 1: Hebrews

    Study the connection between the Old and New Testament and how the Old Testament points us to Christ with the book of Hebrews.

    • Lesson 1: Overview of Hebrews
    • Lesson 2: Hebrews’ Christology
    • Lesson 3: The Old Testament in Hebrews
    • Lesson 4: Exhortations in Hebrews
    • Lesson 5: Persecution
  • Course 2: James and 1, 2 & 3 John

    Dive into these short letters and what their themes of faith and works, love and truth, light and dark and more add to our understanding of the Christian life.

    • Lesson 1: Overview of James
    • Lesson 2: James & Scripture
    • Lesson 3: 1 John
    • Lesson 4: 2 & 3 John
    • Lesson 5: Proto-Gnosticism
  • Course 3: Peter/Jude

    See how Peter’s writings on Christian identity and virtue lend a unique perspective to New Testament theology.

    • Lesson 1: Overview of 1 Peter
    • Lesson 2: Something Old, Something New
    • Lesson 3: 2 Peter
    • Lesson 4: Jude
    • Lesson 5: Case Study: Peter
  • Course 4: Revelation

    Discover how Revelation’s rich imagery and mysterious symbolism brings everything in the Bible to a fitting conclusion.

    • Lesson 1: The Letters of Revelation
    • Lesson 2: Symbolism
    • Lesson 3: New Creation
    • Lesson 4: Theology of Revelation
    • Lesson 5: Interpreting Revelation
  • Course 5: Culture & the Bible

    Look back at some of the biggest cultural themes in the Bible and uncover how culture is woven into the fabric of theology.

    • Lesson 1: Culture & Theology
    • Lesson 2: Honor
    • Lesson 3: Grace & Patronage
    • Lesson 4: Purity
    • Lesson 5: Kinship
  • Course 6: Bible Interpretation

    Learn more about the various methods of Biblical interpretation and how our cultural perspective can inform our own Bible studies.

    • Lesson 1: Early Bible Interpretation
    • Lesson 2: Modern Biblical Interpretation
    • Lesson 3: Systematic & Biblical Theology
    • Lesson 4: Case Study in Biblical Theology
    • Lesson 5: The Context of Revelation
  • Course 7: History of the Bible

    How were the Scriptures themselves canonized, collected, translated and preserved across generations? Understand how the Bible came to be and more in this final Bible Journey course.

    • Lesson 1: Revelation & Cannon
    • Lesson 2: Transmission & Translation
    • Lesson 3: Reformation & Publication
    • Lesson 4: Modern Bible Translation
    • Lesson 5: The Bible Movement Today

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